Learn how to conduct effective one-on-one meetings

Build a great performing team through a series of private, recurring meetings between the manager and employees.

Two persons are having one-on-one meeting.


Why you should do one-on-one meetings

Align goals and understand progress

It keeps you informed of the progress, and help employees to stay aligned on goals and priorities.

Identify and resolve issues

It empowers you to discover issues and challenges before they become bigger problems.

Exchange feedback

It is the perfect space to give and ask for feedback to help each other grow.

Career growth and development

Use the meetings to keep track and work on their professional development.
Productive employee.

What you will see when you start doing one-on-one meetings

People are having more clarity about their goals and priorities.

Issues and challeges are identified and resolved quickly.

Feedback are delivered candidly and frequently.

People are clear about thier performance and they are growing professionally.

Better relationship are fostered between manager and employees.

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